LTTD Consulting

Formulating Strong Commitments to the Infor M3 Project

04 décembre 2020

Founded in 2006, Lttd Consulting has emerged as one of Infor’s major partners in France (Sales, Channel and Alliance Partner). The company specializes in Infor M3 ERP, which is one of the top-notch application suite built on an open, modern, and high-performance technological foundation. Lttd naturally addresses all of Infor M3’s preferred sectors, with major expertise in F&B, fashion/luxury goods, and distribution, whether through implementation projects or its day-to-day services. Lttd has been built around three fundamental values: respect for their clients, sharing its unrivalled knowledge and expertise, and its commitment to clients. Following is a conversation that CIO Applications had with Yannick Bruelle, Sales & Partnerships Manager, and Janick Merel, CEO of Lttd Consulting to understand how these values constantly drive the services that the company delivers, and how they form the DNA of the valuable client partnerships that Lttd creates.


Yannick Bruelle, Sales and Partnerships Manager

Janick Merel, CEO

What are the challenges that CIOs face now in the Infor Partner space and how is Lttd Consulting effectively addressing these issues?

YB :The exchanges that we can have with the CIOs lead us to accompany them on their three major challenges of today. First is the technical challenge to overcome the obsolescence of systems and the loss of associated knowledge/skills. If this often involves managing to simplify an often rich and complex IS package (diversity of best-of-breed applications related to ERP), it also solves a recurring lack of data integrity and performance. Secondly, they face the challenge to bring business units added value by responding better and faster to their needs. The raodblocks and imperatives that they encounter while doing that are regulatory (tax, legal, standards, etc.), business operational (cost optimization, control of supply chain flows, etc.) or organizational (increase productivity, connect teams, and secure their exchanges via workflows, etc.). Lastly, CIOs face a strategic challenge with their digital transformation initiatives—the hardships of embracing a cloud platform and having a modern and up-to-date IS to capture/retain/federate talents within their company. Our Infor M3 expertise enables our customers to define the short, medium, and long term strategy to address all their challenges. Our role goes indeed far beyond the simple technical implementation of an ERP project. In addition to the incredible richness and completeness of the Infor M3 Cloud Suites, we bring the experience and knowhow to implement high added value projects with customers, sequenced over time according to the capacities and means of each of them. We take the time to understand our customers that enables us to forge a strong bond with them and co-construct a path to today’s and tomorrow’s success.

Please shed light on the Infor Partner services that Lttd offers on the basis of its methodology, features and benefits involved.

JM: Our strengths and value proposition are based on four aspects. The first one is our knowledge and expertise of the sectors in which we operate. As such, we can offer our customers the best solution irrespective of their industry and help them get the most out of the Infor M3 implementation. Secondly, our teams always demonstrate a strong proximity with the client’s teams to understand their challenges and needs. Thus, we can TOP 10 PARTNER SOLUTION - 2020 INFOR Yannick Bruelle, Sales and Partnerships Manager implement the appropriate solution for an organization to fully address all their requirements. Thirdly, we are constantly investing in training our team - especially on all Infor’s new products - to ensure the highest level of technical and business skills across the entire Infor M3 Suite. Not stopping there, we provide ongoing support services (Managed Services, Training Center, etc.) to enable our clients to take full ownership of their Infor M3 and derive all the expected added value from it. Last but not the least, we have a very strong link and close relationship with Infor, who fully support and help us, and with whom we have developed a bilateral service partnership. We have also developed a rich ecosystem of partners, chosen for their proven expertise in their respective fields and their shared values. We keep developing long-term partnerships with its customers, with the aim of fostering and supporting their growth—which is itself the foundation of our own development.

"Our Infor M3 expertise enables our customers to define the short, medium, and long term strategy to address all their challenges"

Please cite a case study where Lttd has enabled clients to overcome hurdles and attain desired outcomes.

JM : We enabled one of our clients in the Fashion sector to replace an aging IT system—that no longer met its needs—by implementing Infor M3. This enabled the client to have an ERP fully integrated to its website, which generates 90 percent of its business. As a result, our client was able to almost double its turnover in 5 years and pass the symbolic €100 million threshold thanks a high valueadded reorganization instead of significant increase in its workforce.

What steers Lttd ahead of the other vendors?

YB: To be completely honest, instead of focusing on market competition, we believe in serving our clients better and accompanying them. This is a philosophy that has always been instilled by our General Management, and it constantly drives our daily operations. In other words, we are deeply “Customer Centric”: all our investments are made with this in mind, and this will not change because we are fully convinced that our own development goes through theirs.

How has the journey been for Lttd and what does the future hold?

JM: Shortly after passing the 50 employees mark, we took inspiration from an excellent book - “Liberté&Cie” (by Isaac Gets and Brian M. Carney), that was distributed to all Lttd employees. Inspired by this book, we spontaneously found ourselves in the “liberated company” philosophy described in it, basis for our further development. While we are proud of our organic growth, we are considering more opportunities for external growth, either by honing our business expertise or through the acquisition of complementary skills or solutions (digital, UX/UI). Whatever the choice we will make, it will be done with the sole objective of further increasing the value of the services we offer to our customers.